Coverage at Regional Championships Liverpool

We as Limitless TCG are very proud to announce the following agreement for the Season 2017/2018 with Play-The-Championships. Our new Partnership will give us the opportunity to provide the Pokémon Community with live coverage and even more resources to get the information which you need to Play! Pokémon.

With the new Pokémon Trading Card Game season approaching we have even bigger news for you than the recent update of our website with our enhanced database. The past season already brought a wide variety of changes, which greatly improved the Pokémon Organized Play, and with the announcements today we are already looking forward to the next season. Starting with the Regional Championship in Liverpool we will be working in cooperation with Play-The-Championships and therefore give our best to provide even better event coverage than we could until now. Limitless TCG will deliver more high quality content and streams for the Pokémon TCG. From now on at every European Regional run by Play-The-Championships that does not have an official Pokémon live stream already, Limitless TCG will be hosting one! Beside of that, there will be a written coverage keeping you up to date with small interviews, deck profiles and other news from the tournament.

The live stream of the Regional Championships Liverpool this weekend can be found on the Play-the-Championships Twitch channelCheck out the Play-the-Championships website for the written coverage.

After the event, even more content will be available on the Limitless TCG channels. Stay tuned and enjoy the new Pokémon season!

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