Live Stream at Malmö Regional Championships

The Regional Championships Leipzig at DreamHack just took place this weekend, but we are already making plans for the next major European tournament and we have some big news for you!

As some of you may have noticed, we were working on a Pokémon VG project recently and just launched the beta version of the Limitless VG Database. However, this will not be our last video game related project. Starting at Regional Championships Malmø, we will be providing a live stream for both TCG and VG at all upcoming European events that are run by Tournament Center.

This does also mean, that we will add three wonderful VG casters to our line-up.

We are very happy to have them on board and we are looking forward to our new project.

So if you are as excited as we are, tune into our Malmø TCG stream to hear from Nicholas Pearce and Jesper Eriksen supported by Lydia Hombach or our VG stream to listen to Labhaoisa Cromie and Markus Stadter alongside Baris Akcos as stream support and Co-Caster.

Links to the play-the-championships twitch channel tba.

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