Cardicuno is an up and coming company from Germany focused on buying and selling Pokémon cards. They aim to become the go-to shop for Pokémon TCG players in Europe by keeping a huge stock of playable cards, offering competitive prizes, and having a fair buy list.

In addition to their everyday business, Cardicuno also engages with the TCG community as a tournament organizer. The Austrian Open Special Event in Vienna at the end of the 16/17 season set the bar high in regards of tournament experience and quality of organization and makes us hope for a lot more future events by them.

Cetin and Bodo, the faces of Cardicuno, are no strangers to the scene. Both used to be longtime competitive players before become leading judges in not only Germany but also at major international tournaments. They know the community and its needs well, so be prepared to hear a lot more of Cardicuno in the future!

Cardicuno is not just a sponsor but also our partner and the owner of the brand “Limitless”. Both brands belong to the same company: the Cardicuno Baumann & Yildirim GbR. Cardicuno is the brand for all issues concerning the online shop and tournament organization, whereas Limitless stands for competitive Pokémon TCG content. This includes live streams, videos, articles and of course our professional team of highly skilled players.