Hey everyone!

Remember when this website used to get updated with new features regularly? Well, it’s been a while since the last one, but behind the scenes, the work never stopped. Turns out, what we tried to accomplish took a while, but today, I’m beyond excited to finally share the result of it with you!

So far, the site covered players, tournaments and decks. There’s one major area that’s been missing, which is cards. We’ve had our database of card images for a while, using it for decklists and proxies, but no way to access it directly.

To change that, let me present you the Limitless Card Database.

Card pages

Every card in the database, which is currently Black & White onwards, has its own page now. On there, you can of course check out the card’s picture and text, but also a lot of other helpful information, like a list of all the sets that the card has been released in.

The database doesn’t only include western sets, but also all the ones from Japan!

Card languages

In addition to English and Japanese cards, we’ve also added German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese! You will find a way to switch between card languages on every page where it’s applicable, but there’s also the possibility of selecting a default language that cards everywhere on the website will be displayed in. (On desktop, you can find it in the top left corner, on mobile it’s located in the footer.)

This of course means that proxies are also available in all those different languages! This is a feature that has been requested a lot from non-English speaking countries, and we’re very happy about being able to deliver it.

Card prices

This is one of the main features we wanted to include in this update. Thanks to daily updated price data from tcgplayer and cardmarket, it’s now possible to check how expensive it would be to recreate the lists from our tournament database.

All the price info also includes Affiliate Links to those two marketplaces. If you’re planning on buying cards, please consider doing so through these links, as that supports us at no additional cost for you! 😊

Naturally, these card pages were not made for use with decklists only. This update also brings a full-featured card search, including an Advanced Search with tons of options to choose from.

Whether you simply want to look up all the cards in a single set, or something more complicated like “every standard legal Basic Pokemon that attacks for one Fire Energy”, you can do so!

Updated decklist pages

To accommodate all these new additions, the decklist template has been upgraded quite a bit. We hope you’ll like it!

But not only that, there’s now also a second display option, which shows you the decklist in picture form instead of text.

In addition to all that, a lot of details have been adjusted. Please browse around and tell us what you think! If you feel like anything is missing, or have ideas for features you would find useful, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time,