Totals: 146,750 | 2205 PTS

Regional Top 8s: 45, including 5 wins

IC/Worlds Top 8s: 6, including 1 win

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When it comes to success, Garbodor has been breaking all records. It's probably no exaggeration to say it's the most meta-defining card that's been released in a very long time. Garbodor's Trashalance attack deals 20 damage times the amount of Items in the opponent's discard pile, which before its release, would have meant scoring OHKOs quite quickly, with decks generally playing over 20 Item cards. The first big tournament with it being legal showed that players need to fundamentaly change deck design to deal with it: Out of the Top 32, 24 players used Garbodor decks, including 20 of them finishing no lower than 22nd. Even after adjustments have been made, Garbodor didn't stop dominating and ended up taking the North American International Championship, as well as finishing as the overall #1 deck of the 16/17 season on the Limitless rankings.


Place Tournament Variant Player List
17th Regional Collinsville, IL drampagarbodor Aaron Tarbell
28th Regional Collinsville, IL garbodornecrozma Miguel Nikki Jimenez Ruiz
29th Regional Collinsville, IL garbodorzoroark Kyle Madison
30th Regional Collinsville, IL espeongarbodor Aaron Wilfong
39th Regional Collinsville, IL espeongarbodor Nick Brassell
50th Regional Collinsville, IL drampagarbodor Lucas Selig
56th Regional Collinsville, IL espeongarbodor Ian Buck
45th International Sydney garbodorzoroark Marc Lutz
6th Regional Dallas, TX drampagarbodor Jimmy Pendarvis
7th Regional Dallas, TX drampagarbodor Brad Curcio
8th Regional Dallas, TX drampagarbodor Igor Costa
28th Regional Dallas, TX drampagarbodor Azul Garcia Griego
10th Regional Sao Paulo espeongarbodor Gabriel Modesto
6th SPE Turin drampagarbodor Philip Schulz
15th International London drampagarbodor Ian Robb
37th International London espeongarbodor Gawein Wagner
39th International London drampagarbodor Otavio Gouveia
60th International London drampagarbodor Karl Blake
1st Regional Belo Horizonte drampagarbodor William Azevedo
4th Regional Belo Horizonte drampagarbodor Leonardo Zanardi
6th Regional Belo Horizonte drampagarbodor Alex Silva
7th Regional Belo Horizonte drampagarbodor Dalton Acchetta
4th Regional Vancouver drampagarbodor Xander Pero
5th Regional Vancouver drampagarbodor Sam Chen
10th Regional Vancouver drampagarbodor Benjamin Potter
12th Regional Vancouver drampagarbodor Abaan Ahmed
13th Regional Vancouver drampagarbodor Brad Curcio
14th Regional Vancouver drampagarbodor Azul Garcia Griego
22nd Regional Vancouver drampagarbodor James McInnes
27th Regional Vancouver drampagarbodor Kian Amini
28th Regional Vancouver drampagarbodor David Tomhave-Alexie
31st Regional Vancouver drampagarbodor Cameron Shenoy
1st Regional Daytona Beach, FL garbodornecrozma Ryan Sabelhaus
3rd Regional Daytona Beach, FL garbodornecrozma Azul Garcia Griego
6th Regional Daytona Beach, FL drampagarbodor Preston Porter
8th Regional Daytona Beach, FL garbodornecrozma Jon Eng
9th Regional Daytona Beach, FL garbodornecrozma Zachary Bokhari
14th Regional Daytona Beach, FL garbodornecrozma Russell LaParre
17th Regional Daytona Beach, FL garbodornecrozma Gabe Cherniske
19th Regional Daytona Beach, FL garbodornecrozma Xander Pero
25th Regional Daytona Beach, FL garbodornecrozma Rahul Reddy
34th Regional Daytona Beach, FL garbodornecrozma Brad Curcio
48th Regional Daytona Beach, FL garbodornecrozma Santiago Rodriguez
57th Regional Daytona Beach, FL garbodornecrozma Michael Pramawat
3rd Regional Hartford, CT drampagarbodor Ian Robb
11th Regional Hartford, CT drampagarbodor Benjamin Behrens
13th Regional Hartford, CT drampagarbodor Justin Bokhari
15th Regional Hartford, CT drampagarbodor Greg Minklei
23rd Regional Hartford, CT drampagarbodor Mark Dizon
49th Regional Hartford, CT espeongarbodor Bryan Bare
54th Regional Hartford, CT drampagarbodor Simon Trottier-Lacasse
5th SPE Bilbao drampagarbodor Philip Schulz
7th SPE Bilbao garbodornecrozma Luca Clavadetscher
9th SPE Bilbao garbodornecrozma Enrique Vera
2nd Regional Bremen drampagarbodor Tord Reklev
3rd Regional Bremen drampagarbodor Tomas Just
20th Regional Bremen drampagarbodor Ryan Moorhouse
9th Regional Fort Wayne, IN drampagarbodor Jordan Nelle
13th Regional Fort Wayne, IN espeongarbodor Alex Mullen
15th Regional Fort Wayne, IN garbodornecrozma Will Jenkins
18th Regional Fort Wayne, IN espeongarbodor Dalen Dockery
21st Regional Fort Wayne, IN garbodornecrozma Daniel Lynch
29th Regional Fort Wayne, IN garbodornecrozma Brad Curcio
30th Regional Fort Wayne, IN garbodornecrozma Isaiah Williams
34th Regional Fort Wayne, IN drampagarbodor Jeffrey Criss
36th Regional Fort Wayne, IN espeongarbodor Owen Robinson
41st Regional Fort Wayne, IN espeongarbodor Chris Derocher
42nd Regional Fort Wayne, IN espeongarbodor Chris Hoag
45th Regional Fort Wayne, IN drampagarbodor Jeremiah Williams
47th Regional Fort Wayne, IN garbodornecrozma Azul Garcia Griego
51st Regional Fort Wayne, IN trubbishgarbodor Sean Lyden
56th Regional Fort Wayne, IN espeongarbodor Dave Kucken
57th Regional Fort Wayne, IN espeongarbodor Christopher Schemanske
60th Regional Fort Wayne, IN espeongarbodor Jon Eng
61st Regional Fort Wayne, IN espeongarbodor Frank Serafinski
7th Anaheim Open espeongarbodor Sorina Radu
8th Anaheim Open drampagarbodor Luca Clavadetscher
9th Anaheim Open drampagarbodor Caleb Gedemer
10th Anaheim Open drampagarbodor Clifton Goh
12th Anaheim Open drampagarbodor Chris Brown
3rd World Championships 2017 espeongarbodor Xander Pero
5th World Championships 2017 garbodornecrozma Reiji Nishiguchi
6th World Championships 2017 espeongarbodor Jimmy Pendarvis
8th World Championships 2017 drampagarbodor Sam Chen
11th World Championships 2017 drampagarbodor Alex Silva
13th World Championships 2017 drampagarbodor Frank Diaz
16th World Championships 2017 drampagarbodor Kian Amini
23rd World Championships 2017 drampagarbodor Tord Reklev
24th World Championships 2017 espeongarbodor Igor Costa
27th World Championships 2017 espeongarbodor Brad Curcio
28th World Championships 2017 drampagarbodor Brent Tonisson
30th World Championships 2017 drampagarbodor Daniel Altavilla
31st World Championships 2017 drampagarbodor Jordan Palmer
1st Regional Liverpool drampagarbodor Rick Verwaal
4th Regional Liverpool drampagarbodor Ryan Moorhouse
5th Regional Liverpool drampagarbodor Tord Reklev
10th Regional Liverpool drampagarbodor Lucas Henrique de Araujo Pereira
11th Regional Liverpool drampagarbodor Robin Schulz
16th Regional Liverpool drampagarbodor Ben Short
26th Regional Liverpool drampagarbodor Andrew Spence
32nd Regional Liverpool drampagarbodor Karl Blake
1st International Indianapolis drampagarbodor Tord Reklev
3rd International Indianapolis drampagarbodor Sam Chen
12th International Indianapolis espeongarbodor Chris Abernathy
13th International Indianapolis espeongarbodor Tristan Macek
14th International Indianapolis drampagarbodor Michael Natto
15th International Indianapolis espeongarbodor Kian Amini
16th International Indianapolis espeongarbodor Caleb Gedemer
17th International Indianapolis espeongarbodor Daniel Lynch
19th International Indianapolis drampagarbodor Benjamin Behrens
21st International Indianapolis drampagarbodor Philipp Leciejewski
23rd International Indianapolis espeongarbodor Tony Jimenez
24th International Indianapolis espeongarbodor Ethan Hamer
25th International Indianapolis espeongarbodor Xander Pero
27th International Indianapolis espeongarbodor Peter Kica
31st International Indianapolis drampagarbodor Cedric Gouin
32nd International Indianapolis espeongarbodor Simon Narode
37th International Indianapolis drampagarbodor David Cooper
39th International Indianapolis drampagarbodor Philip Schulz
40th International Indianapolis espeongarbodor Jimmy McClure
44th International Indianapolis espeongarbodor Jeremy Gibson
57th International Indianapolis espeongarbodor Michael Del Rosario
6th SPE Madrid drampagarbodor Stephane Ivanoff
8th SPE Madrid espeongarbodor Paulo Mimoso
10th SPE Madrid espeongarbodor Elena Gomez
4th Regional Auckland espeongarbodor Vighnesh Murthy
5th Regional Auckland drampagarbodor Koopu Smith
6th Regional Auckland drampagarbodor Corey Munro
3rd Regional Curitiba drampagarbodor Rafael Gomes
8th Regional Curitiba espeongarbodor Dyego Rathje
3rd Origins Game Fair SPE espeongarbodor Alex Hamilton
4th Origins Game Fair SPE drampagarbodor Abraham Morales
5th Origins Game Fair SPE espeongarbodor Christopher Schemanske
7th Origins Game Fair SPE espeongarbodor Alex Schemanske
14th Origins Game Fair SPE espeongarbodor Xander Pero
16th Origins Game Fair SPE espeongarbodor Caleb Gedemer
2nd Regional Mexico City drampagarbodor Christian Cruz
3rd Regional Mexico City espeongarbodor Xander Pero
17th Regional Mexico City drampagarbodor Juan Manuel Moya
18th Regional Mexico City espeongarbodor Hanzell Ivan Caballero Gutierrez
27th Regional Mexico City drampagarbodor Miguel Angel Emir Alvizo Ortiz
31st Regional Mexico City espeongarbodor Manuel Valdez Garcia
2nd Regional Sydney drampagarbodor Steve Filiposki
3rd Regional Sydney espeongarbodor Robert Spiller
1st Regional Santiago drampagarbodor Jonathan Fabrizio Bellucci Lanciano
2nd Regional Santiago drampagarbodor Damian Ezequiel Anile
3rd Regional Santiago drampagarbodor Diego Cassiraga
5th Regional Santiago espeongarbodor Felipe Ponce
7th Regional Santiago drampagarbodor Javier Gamboa
8th Regional Santiago drampagarbodor Jaime Aguilera
5th Regional Birmingham drampagarbodor Benjamin Behrens
9th Regional Birmingham drampagarbodor Stephane Ivanoff
10th Regional Birmingham drampagarbodor Goncalo Pereira
15th Regional Birmingham drampagarbodor Nilo Dieguez
27th Regional Birmingham drampagarbodor Faisal Khan
28th Regional Birmingham drampagarbodor Nitish Doolub
29th Regional Birmingham drampagarbodor Paul Stringer
32nd Regional Birmingham drampagarbodor Ben Short
4th Regional Madison, WI espeongarbodor Colin Peterik
10th Regional Madison, WI drampagarbodor Aidan Koenig
13th Regional Madison, WI drampagarbodor Chris Siakala
16th Regional Madison, WI drampagarbodor Michael Kendle
17th Regional Madison, WI drampagarbodor Michael Natto
22nd Regional Madison, WI drampagarbodor Michael McDaniel
23rd Regional Madison, WI drampagarbodor Jacob Lesage
28th Regional Madison, WI drampagarbodor Michael Francione
2nd Regional Jakarta espeongarbodor Adrian Velasco
7th Regional Jakarta drampagarbodor Yee Wei Chun
8th Regional Jakarta drampagarbodor Yogie Surya
1st Regional Seattle, WA drampagarbodor Sam Chen
3rd Regional Seattle, WA drampagarbodor Brad Curcio
4th Regional Seattle, WA drampagarbodor Tyler Ninomura
6th Regional Seattle, WA drampagarbodor Kenny Wisdom
7th Regional Seattle, WA espeongarbodor Warren Younger
8th Regional Seattle, WA espeongarbodor Aaron Rozbicki
9th Regional Seattle, WA drampagarbodor Jordan Nelle
10th Regional Seattle, WA drampagarbodor Kyle Stone
11th Regional Seattle, WA drampagarbodor Mark Garcia
12th Regional Seattle, WA drampagarbodor Drew Allen
13th Regional Seattle, WA drampagarbodor Tyler Yu
14th Regional Seattle, WA drampagarbodor Zane Nelson
15th Regional Seattle, WA drampagarbodor Abraham Morales
16th Regional Seattle, WA drampagarbodor Kenny Britton
17th Regional Seattle, WA drampagarbodor Andy Gray
18th Regional Seattle, WA espeongarbodor Kian Amini
19th Regional Seattle, WA espeongarbodor Daniel Lynch
20th Regional Seattle, WA espeongarbodor Joey Gaffney
21st Regional Seattle, WA drampagarbodor Jonathan Paranada
22nd Regional Seattle, WA garbodortauros David Tomhave-Alexie
26th Regional Seattle, WA drampagarbodor Alvin Ng
27th Regional Seattle, WA drampagarbodor Matthew Chin
28th Regional Seattle, WA garbodortrevenant Caleb Gedemer
32nd Regional Seattle, WA drampagarbodor Michael Chin
2nd Austrian Open drampagarbodor Stephane Ivanoff
4th Austrian Open drampagarbodor Jindrich Nepevny
6th Austrian Open espeongarbodor Xavier Delfosse
8th Austrian Open drampagarbodor Patrick Landis
2nd CCG Grand Open espeongarbodor Manuele Tartaglia
4th CCG Grand Open drampagarbodor Philipp Leciejewski
5th CCG Grand Open garbodorwobbuffet Lucas Henrique de Araujo Pereira

Most Successful Players

# Name Country PTS
1 Sam Chen USA 96
2 Tord Reklev Norway 91
3 Xander Pero USA 88
4 Brad Curcio USA 79
5 Kian Amini USA 56
6 Jimmy Pendarvis USA 48
7 Azul Garcia Griego USA 43
8 Igor Costa USA 38