Totals: 94,500 | 1203 PTS

Regional Top 8s: 15, including 3 wins

IC/Worlds Top 8s: 3, including 1 win

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Average card counts

Trainer (31)

4.00 Cynthia

4.00 Ultra Ball

3.00 Guzma

3.00 Rare Candy

2.00 Choice Band

2.00 Acerola

2.00 Rescue Stretcher

1.00 Switch

1.00 Energy Retrieval

1.00 Fairy Charm UB

Fairy Charm UB (フェアリーチャーム UB)

Trainer - Item - Tool

Prevent all damage done to the (Y) Pokemon this card is attached to done by your opponent's 'Ultra Beast' Pokemon-GX-EX.

1.00 Wonder Labyrinth Prism Star

Wonder Labyrinth Prism Star (ワンダーラビリンス♢)

Trainer - Stadium

All Pokemon's attacks (except (Y) Pokemon) cost (C) more. While this card is in play, prevent all effects from Item and Supporter cards done to this card.

1.00 Dashing Pouch

1.00 Nest Ball

1.00 Professor Elm's Lecture

1.00 Judge

1.00 Max Potion

1.00 Field Blower

1.00 Energy Spinner

Energy Spinner (エネルギースピナー)

Trainer - Item

Search your deck for 1 basic energy card, reveal it and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your deck. If you went second and it's your first turn, you may search your deck for 3 basic energy cards instead.

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