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Average card counts

Trainer (38)

4.00 Acro Bike

4.00 Rare Candy

4.00 Nest Ball

2.50 Switch

2.00 Gladion

2.00 Timer Ball

2.00 Rescue Stretcher

2.00 Acerola

2.00 Looker

2.00 Professor Elm's Lecture

2.00 Guzma

2.00 Lillie

1.00 Bill's Analysis

Bill's Analysis (マサキの解析)

Trainer - Supporter

Look at the top 7 cards of your deck. Choose 2 Trainer cards you find there, reveal them and put them into your hand. Shuffle the remaining cards into your deck.

1.00 Player's Ceremony

Player's Ceremony (プレイヤーズセレモニー)

Trainer - Stadium

Once during either players turn, the turn player may draw 2 cards. Then that player's turn ends.

1.00 Great Ball

1.00 Ultra Ball

1.00 Looker Whistle

1.00 Choice Band

1.00 Brooklet Hill

0.50 Pal Pad

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22ndChampions League NiigatagreninjameganiumswampertAtsutoshi Kubo
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