Totals: 24,000 | 406 PTS

Regional Top 8s: 0

IC/Worlds Top 8s: 3

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Average card counts

Pokémon (11.75)

4.00 Rayquaza-GX CES

2.00 Tapu Lele-GX GRI

1.50 Shaymin-EX ROS

1.00 Shaymin Prism Star SM8b

Shaymin Prism Star (シェイミ♢) - Grass - 80 HP

Pokemon - Basic

GG Flower Storm 30x

This attack does 30 damage times the number of energy attached to your Pokemon in play.

Weakness: Fire
Resistance: none
Retreat: 0

1.00 Tapu Koko Prism Star SM8a

Tapu Koko Prism Star (カプ・コケコ♢) - Lightning - 130 HP

Pokemon - Basic

Ability: Ancestor's Dance

Once during your turn, if this Pokemon is on your bench, you may attach 1 lightning energy from your discard pile to 2 of your benched Pokemon. Then, put this Pokemon into the lost zone. (Discard all cards attached to this Pokemon)

LLC Mach Bolt 120

Weakness: Fighting
Resistance: Metal
Retreat: 1

0.75 Marshadow SLG

0.75 Sudowoodo GRI

0.25 Tapu Koko-GX GRI

0.25 Ho-Oh-EX DRX

0.25 Rattata EVO

Latest Results

1stCL Niigata ExtrarayquazaMasayuki Osajima
4thCL Niigata ExtrarayquazaKatsuya Tanaka
5thCL Niigata ExtrarayquazaKohei Miyamoto
9thCL Niigata ExtrarayquazaTsubota Hokuto
10thCL Niigata ExtrarayquazaYuki Mori
10thChampions League NiigatarayquazaSinnosuke Tai
11thCL Niigata ExtrarayquazaSeijiro Hara
12thCL Niigata ExtrarayquazaMasafumi Ariyoshi
13thCL Niigata ExtrarayquazaKohei Hamamichi
14thCL Niigata ExtrarayquazaTakuto Itagaki
44thRegional Portland, ORrayquazaKevyn Tibbot
7thNashville OpenrayquazaDarin O'Meara
8thNashville OpenrayquazaMain Ahmed
4thWorld Championships 2018rayquazaPedro Eugenio Torres
5thWorld Championships 2018rayquazaEric Smith
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Most Successful players

1Pedro Eugenio TorresSpain34
2Shuto ItagakiJapan30
2Eric SmithUSA30
4Masayuki OsajimaJapan25
4Takuya YonedaJapan25
6Michael BergeracUSA24
6Fabien PujolFrance24
8Angel Javier TorresSpain20