Gardevoir & Sylveon Tag Team

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Straight Gardevoir & Sylveon Tag Team

Trainer (42)

4.00 Green's Search

4.00 Pokegear

3.00 Acerola

3.00 Choice Helmet

3.00 Nest Ball

3.00 Reset Stamp

Reset Stamp (リセットスタンプ)

Trainer - Item

Your opponent shuffles their hand into their deck and draws a card for each of their remaining prize cards.

3.00 Tag Switch

Tag Switch (タッグスイッチ)

Trainer - Item

Move up to 2 Energy from 1 of your Pokemon Tag Team to another of your Pokemon.

2.00 Unmanned Power Plant

2.00 Max Potion

2.00 Counter Catcher

2.00 Dusk Stone

2.00 Bill's Analysis

2.00 Guzma

1.00 Judge

1.00 Switch

1.00 Field Blower

1.00 Pal Pad

1.00 Fairy Charm Lightning

1.00 Viridian Forest

1.00 Wondrous Labyrinth

Energy (9)

9.00 Fairy Energy

Latest Results

8thKorean League Season 3gardevoirsylveonJuyoung Hong
10thKorean League Season 3gardevoirsylveonGyuseok Hwang
3rdChampions League KyotogardevoirsylveonKeiichiro Murotsu
21stChampions League KyotogardevoirsylveonKazuma Oshima
5thCL Chiba Extragardevoirsylveonaromatisseけゃろ
6thChampions League Chibagardevoirsylveonけい
6thCL Chiba Extragardevoirsylveonaromatisseひびき
14thCL Chiba Extragardevoirsylveonaromatisseりんたろー
15thChampions League Chibagardevoirsylveonカマル
18thCL Chiba Extragardevoirsylveonaromatisseくろさき
19thChampions League Chibagardevoirsylveonあずさ
20thCL Chiba Extragardevoirsylveonaromatisseありすがわ
22ndCL Chiba Extragardevoirsylveonaromatisseうた
25thChampions League Chibagardevoirsylveonほっきさん
29thChampions League Chibagardevoirsylveon佐々木
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Most Successful players

1Keiichiro MurotsuJapan19
2けい Japan16
2ひびき Japan16
2けゃろ Japan16
2Juyoung HongKorea16
6Gyuseok HwangKorea13
6カマル Japan13
6りんたろー Japan13