Trainer (33)

4 Cynthia

3 Professor Elm's Lecture

2 Judge

2 Guzma

1 Lillie

1 Acerola

4 Ultra Bal

4 Rare Candy

1 Timer Ball

1 Nest Ball

1 Rescue Stretcher

1 Counter Catcher

1 Field Blower

1 Enhanced Hammer

1 Max Potion

1 Switch

1 Energy Spinner

Energy Spinner (エネルギースピナー)

Trainer - Item

Search your deck for 1 basic energy card, reveal it and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your deck. If you went second and it's your first turn, you may search your deck for 3 basic energy cards instead.

2 Counter Gain

1 Wonder Labyrinth Prism Star

Wonder Labyrinth Prism Star (ワンダーラビリンス♢)

Trainer - Stadium

All Pokemon's attacks (except (Y) Pokemon) cost (C) more. While this card is in play, prevent all effects from Item and Supporter cards done to this card.
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