Pokémon (14)

3 Buzzwole-GX CIN

2 Rockruff FLI

2 Lycanroc-GX GRI

1 Buzzwole FLI

1 Diancie Prism Star FLI

2 Jirachi SM8a

Jirachi (ジラーチ) - Metal - 70 HP

Pokemon - Basic

Ability: Wish Star

Once during your turn, if this is your active Pokemon, you may look at the top 5 cards of your deck, choose 1 trainer card you find there, reveal it and put it into your hand. Shuffle the remaining cards back into your deck. Then, this Pokemon is asleep.

MC Slap 30

Weakness: Fire
Resistance: Psychic
Retreat: 1

2 Tapu Koko SMP

1 Tapu Lele-GX GRI

Trainer (33)

3 Cynthia

3 Guzma

3 Professor Kukui

2 Lillie

1 Judge

1 Lisia

1 Bill's Analysis

Bill's Analysis (マサキの解析)

Trainer - Supporter

Look at the top 7 cards of your deck. Choose 2 Trainer cards you find there, reveal them and put them into your hand. Shuffle the remaining cards into your deck.

4 Ultra Ball

3 Beast Ring

2 Nest Ball

1 Rescue Stretcher

1 Field Blower

1 Energy Loto

2 Choice Band

2 Escape Board

3 Brooklet Hill

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