Russia Nationals Russia

19th May 2018 | 44 Masters | XY - Ultra Prism

# Player Country Deck List
1Ilya KornilovRussia zoroarklucario
2Danila LazarevRussia espeongarbodor
3Raymon AmiramovRussia drampagarbodor
4Anton StreltsovRussia gardevoir
5Egor NesterovRussia buzzwolelycanroc-midnight
6Alexander MadaminganovRussia zoroarklycanroc-midnight
7Ilya KalininRussia gardevoir
8Sergey EreminRussia zoroarklucario
This event was the only way for Russian players to qualify for the 2018 World Championships. The first four places get an invite, including a travel award for the winner.

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