Instead of using the Advanced Search, you can directly type an advanced query into the search bar. This gives you a few additional options, and is usually faster than working with the graphical form.

Tip: You can press / on your keyboard on any page to instantly focus the search bar.

This page lists all the different options you have when using the advanced card search.


If you query multiple fields in one query, cards that match all of them are returned.
Example: type:supporter is:fa returns cards that are a supporter and full art.

You can enter multiple terms for a single field, seperated by a comma, to get cards that match either of them.
Example: is:rapid,single,fusion returns cards that have either the Rapid, Single or Fusion Strike label.

If you want to query for cards that match multiple terms of one field, you can seperate them with a + instead.
Example: is:fusion+aa returns cards that have the Fusion Strike label and are an Alternate Art print.

You can prepend a search with to negate the condition.
Example: t:pkmn -is:v,gx,ex returns all Pokémon that are not a V, GX or EX.

Card Text


Matches any text that appears in a card’s ability / attack names or effects.

If you are searching for multiple words, either wrap the text in double quotes, or replace spaces with underscores.

When using double quotes, the text search treats every word in your search term as an individual keyword, i.e. every space is equivalent to the + operator. When using underscores, the search term in treated as one keyword, so only text that contains the words in the exact order, with no other words in between, is matched.

You can prepend the search with ! to return exact matches only, i.e. the name or effect on a card must match the search exactly and contain no other words.


Card Labels


special card types: v, gx, ex, prism-star (prism), ace-spec (ace), radiant

gameplay labels: fusion-strike (fusion), single-strike (ichigeki), rapid-strike (rengeki), tag-team (tt), ultra-beast (ub), team-plasma (plasma)

can also be used to query Pokémon stages (which includes more specific card types like VMAX, see further below)



type: or t:

card type or pokémon type, either full name or abbreviation


Pokémon Attributes


stage: or s:

basic (0), stage1 (1), stage2 (2), vstar, vmax, vunion, mega, break, restored, legend




the Pokémon’s HP number, supports comparison operators


  • hp:30 Pokémon with 30 HP
  • hp<=90 Pokémon with at most 90 HP
  • hp>300 Pokémon with more than 300 HP

Attack Cost

attack: or att: or ac:

attack cost consisting of pokemon type abbreviations, with one of the following operators:

  • : or = Pokémon has an attack with the exact energy cost
  • <= Pokémon has an attack that is covered by the provided energy cost
  • >= Pokémon has an attack that includes the provided energy cost


  • ac:c,l Pokémon that can attack for either one Colorless or one Lightning Energy
  • s:0 ac<=cc Basic Pokémon that can attack for two Colorless Energy
  • ac>=lll Pokémon that have three Lightning Energy in their attack cost
  • ac:0 Pokémon that have a free attack


has:ability, has:ancient-trait

matches Pokémon that have an ability / ancient trait



weakness: or weak: or w:

pokemon type or none


  • w:none Pokémon with no weakness
  • t:d -w:g Darkness Pokémon that are not weak to Fighting


resistance: or rs:

pokemon type or none


  • t:l rs:f Lightning Pokémon that are resistant against Fighting
  • -rs:none Pokémon that have a resistance

Retreat Cost

retreat: or rc:

the Pokémon’s Retreat Cost, supports comparison operators


  • rc:0 Pokémon with free retreat
  • rc:4 Pokémon with four retreat
  • t:d rc<=2 Darkness Pokémon with at most two retreat

Pokédex Number

pokedex: or dex: or p:

the Pokémon’s National Pokédex Number, supports comparison operators


Collection Attributes


series: or block: or era:

sword-shield (ss), sun-moon (sm), xy, black-white (bw), heartgold-soulsilver (hs)


Set / Expansion

set: or e:

set code or name, prepend search with ! to return only exact matches


  • !set:evo Cards from Evolutions (EVO)
  • set:fates Cards from sets that have the word “Fates” in their name


number: or n:

card number, supports comparison operators


  • n:1 Cards with the set number 1
  • n>250 Cards with a number above 250


artist: or illus: or a:

artist name, replace spaces with underscores or wrap multiple words in double quotes, prepend with ! to return only exact matches


  • a:sugimori Cards illustrated by artists whose name includes Sugimori
  • a:asako_ito Cards illustrated by Asako Ito
  • !a:sui Cards illustrated by artist sui


rarity: or r:

common (c), uncommon (u), rare (r), holo-rare (hr), ultra-rare (ur), secret-rare (sr), rainbow-rare (rar), amazing-rare (a)

rarities between hr and ur (Holo Rare V, GX etc.) are all grouped together as (the japanese equivalent) double-rare (rr)

rarities above rr, but below ur, (currently only Holo Rare VMAX) are grouped as triple-rare (rrr)

comparison operators are supported


  • r:sr e:fst Secret Rare cards from Fusion Strike (FST)
  • r>hr series:ss Cards above Holo Rare from the Sword & Shield series


uses the is: keyword

full-art (fa), alternate-art (aa), rainbow, gold, shiny, prime



usd: or price: for tcgplayer prices, eur: or cm: for cardmarket prices

card price in usd or eur, with a dot to seperate cents, supports comparison operators


  • usd>100 Cards that have a market price above 100$ on tcgplayer
  • eur<10 r:ur Ultra Rare cards that have an average price of less than 10€ on cardmarket

Tournament Play

Regulation Mark

regulation: or mark: or reg:

the card’s regulation mark, starts with a for japanese cards, d for tpci cards, supports comparison operators


  • reg:e Cards with the E regulation mark
  • reg>=e Cards with regulation marks E and up


format: or f:

standard, expanded (tpci cards only)

jp-standard, jp-expanded (japanese cards only)

2011, 2012, …, 2019 (the respective Worlds formats)

misc. other formats like legacy


  • f:standard The current Standard format card pool
  • f:2016 The Worlds 2016 legal card pool

Banned List

banned: or bans:

a valid format identifier as above, matches all cards that are banned there


Search Options

Instead of using the options bar on the search results page, you can control these options directly within your query.

Card Language

language: or lang: or l:

supports the following language codes:

tpci cards

  • en (English)
  • de (German)
  • fr (French)
  • es (Spanish)
  • it (Italian)
  • pt (Brazilian Portuguese)

japanese cards

  • jp (Japanese)
  • en.t (translated English)


Duplicate Cards

unique: or u: prints (default), cards, text

By default, all prints of cards that match the search query are returned. When specifying unique:cards, only one print per card is returned, possible reprints or different arts are ignored. If you are querying multiple languages at once, you can use unique:text to return one result per unique card and language combination. When working with a single language, those two options are equivalent.


Display & Order

display: or d: grid (images, i), list (l), small-images (si), full (f), classic (c), text (t)
sort: or order: or o: set (default), name, type, usd, eur, pokedex, rarity
show: number or all