Limitless is an organization focused on promoting the competitive Pokémon TCG. This website was launched in 2017, to keep track of tournament history. Since then, it has been developed further to cover many aspects of the game. Today, it can be divided into the following four categories.

  • Tournament Database We aim to record results and decklists from every major tournament around the world. If available, information is taken from official sources like rk9labs or pokémon. Otherwise, we try to gather as much as possible by getting in contact with players through social media or in-person at tournaments.
  • Card Database Our card database covers all Standard and Expanded legal cards, with support for 7 different languages, up-to-date pricing data, translations of upcoming japanese cards, and many different search options and filters.
  • Player Tools A collection of useful little apps that help players with common tasks or questions.
  • Limitless Blog On our blog, we infrequently publish articles about the game, covering all kinds of topics. You will also find updates and announcements about different parts of our work there.

Tournament Coverage

Since 2018, we have worked together with official tournament organizers like jokmok and tournamentcenter to provide the community with live streams from Regional Championships across Europe!

You can find the matches from our past streams on Youtube.

Tournament Platform

In 2020, we launched, a fully featured tournament platform for the Pokémon TCG. It quickly became the most popular way for the community to run online tournaments. To this day (last updated: November 2021), the site has over 10 000 registered users, and was used to play more than 1500 tournaments and 200 000 matches!

In addition to Pokémon TCG, the site also supports running tournaments for the Digimon Card Game.


If you want to get in touch, or stay updated with our projects, you can give our team a follow on twitter!



Player Team

Limitless has its roots as a group of players, and to this day, our sponsored player team remains one of the most successful and highly regarded ones in the world. Together, we have won every kind of big tournament, from Special Events to the World Championships!

You can find all member of our player team on twitter, where they post about their tournaments, and all kinds of other Pokémon related topics.


  • Most modern-era tournament data was published by RK9 Labs in cooperation with the tournament organizers. Other information has been collected manually with many contributions from players around the world.
  • Scarlet & Violet and newer card images and card text are provided by
  • Pre-SV card images and text were sourced from PTCGO and
  • Japanese card images and text are taken from
  • Image Sprites of Pokémon are collected/created by the National Icon Dex project (Credits).
  • Energy symbols in card text are using the PTCG Symbols Font.

Please note that we are not in any way affiliated with The Pokémon Company, Nintendo, Game Freak and/or Creatures.