Cologne Regional Championships Streaming Information

We are very excited to bring you the first live stream of this season from the upcoming Cologne Regional Championships on September 28/29! Be prepared for some TCG action.

Our stream team for this event is still missing a caster. If you want a chance to join the TCG stream team for Cologne, send your application and a short sample video showing your casting skills to until 02.09.2019.

Our TCG Casters:

Connor Hayward
David Hochmann
Lydia Hombach
and maybe you?

You will be able to find the stream on twitch on limitless_tcg. If you can’t watch the stream live, you will be able to find the videos on YouTube in the Limitless Stream Archives a few days after.
In case you are planning to attend the event, you can find all the information here. Also make sure to register here, if you have not done so, yet.