This year’s Limitless Online Series is nearing its end, which means it’s time to get ready for the grand finale, the Invitational!

In case you haven’t taken a look at all the information yet, here’s a quick rundown on how players are qualifying for the Invitational this year: Since last October, in cooperation with the PoTown Store, we’ve been running an online tournament every week, through which players can earn points for the ranking. In addition to the regular weekly tournaments, there are 4 special tournaments with a different structure and much higher payouts. All players that reach at least 70 points on the ranking will be invited to compete in the Invitational!

At the time of this post, about 30 players have already secured their invite, with about 30 more within a 20 points reach. There’s still more than a month left to qualify, but time is running out fast, so if you want a spot in the tournament, better try your best in the upcoming weeks!

Event Details

The Limitless Invitational 2021 will take place on June 26th (starting 3 PM CEST), and will be played in the Team Up to Chilling Reign Standard format.

The first phase of the tournament will consist of between 5 and 7 best-of-three Swiss rounds, depending on the final number of players. Afterwards, the top 8 players will play in a Single Elimination bracket to determine the champion of the Limitless Online Series 2021!

All rounds will be streamed live on our twitch channel:
Further details about the stream will be announced closer to the tournament.


Champion500$ Prize Money
Custom Champion Promo Card
Special Champion Playmat

Finalist300$ Prize Money
Custom Finalist Promo Card
Special Finalist Playmat

Top 4200$ Prize Money
Special Top 4 Playmat

Top 8100$ Prize Money
Special Top 8 Playmat

All cash prizes are provided by PoTown Store, partner of the Limitless Online Series and best place to buy PTCGO codes!

The design of the promo cards and playmats will be revealed at a later point, so stay tuned for those!

To stay up to date will all our tournaments, take a regular look at our LOTP organizer page, as all tournaments are published there. Important updates can also always be found on twitter.

Best of luck to all of you who are participating or still looking to qualify for the Invitational!

Any information on this page may be subject to change. Last updated on April 24th 2021.