We have teamed up with content creators from all around the world to help promote and cover our series for you. All of our featured creators will have the chance to get voted into the Limitless Online Invitational by YOU.

The Top 4 content creators will then join the invitational on seed 13 to 16.
In case one of those featured creators was able to secure a spot in the Invitational through the ranking, the invite will get passed down.

Those are the content creators that YOU can vote into our Invitational. If you do not know all of them yet, stay tuned as we will post spotlight posts over the course of next week.

Where can I vote?

The voting will be taking place on our smash.gg league page.
Have a look on HERE.
If you are logged in on smash.gg, you will be able to see how many votes you currently have.

How can I earn votes?

There are multiple ways to get votes. Maybe you have already earned votes without even knowing.
You can get votes by:

  • Having participated in our tournaments on smash.gg
  • Subscribing to limitless on twitch (your twitch account needs to be connected to your smash.gg account)
  • Buying things in our Merch Shop on smash.gg

How does the voting work?

There will be certain stages during the voting. With each stage the number of contestants will get smaller.
So make sure to time when you drop your votes to ensure that your favorite creator will be able to play in the invitational!

Mo June 112 PM PDT / 9 PM CESTVoting and Shop Opens
We June 312 PM PDT / 9 PM CESTBottom 2 eliminated
Tu June 412 PM PDT / 9 PM CESTBottom 2 eliminated
Sa June 612 PM PDT / 9 PM CESTTop 2 invited / Bottom 2 eliminated
Mo June 812 PM PDT / 9 PM CESTTop 1 invited / Bottom 2 eliminated

Where can I find the Merch Shop?

Our shop will be on our smash.gg league page as well. You will be able to find it HERE.
Stay tuned to find out more about our merch soon! We will reveal it live on stream during our next Qualifier.

What will happen with the money?

Just like donations, all revenue of the shop will be split evenly between WHO’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund and the Invitational prize pool.

I still have questions…

To answer all your questions there will be a Q&A stream on Twitch about the voting and some TCG talk and gameplay on Saturday March 23 9:00 PM CEST. Make sure to tune in!
You can comment your questions on here or on social media already, or just let us know live in the chat.