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Hello Pokémon players!

The team at LimitlessTCG wanted to reach out to you as we approach the end of 2018, to provide you with an update regarding regional streams. As you know, we have had the privilege of being able to broadcast many regionals across both TCG and VG over the 2018 season, and we also managed to showcase the Pokemon action from Frankfurt.

Sadly however, you will have noticed we were unable to provide a stream in Lille, and it is with regret we must confirm that we will also not be providing a stream at the Harrogate Regionals in December. With the new 2019 season, Tournament Centre have focused their efforts into providing a better player experience at their events, and this sadly means they have been unable to support us and our streaming efforts. As the TO for both Lille and Harrogate, this has resulted in us being unable to provide a steam at these events due to it being both financially strenuous and difficult to negotiate.

We do sincerely apologise for any disappointment this causes to our dedicated viewers, as we always do our best to provide you with competitive content. In the New Year we will continue to talk with Tournament Centre and other hosting TO’s to endeavour to secure streams for you all.

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