The first big website update in a while is finally here! It bring a lot of improvements and fixes, along with new features. Let’s take a look at it!

Decklist analysis

In the future, we want to do more useful stuff with all the decklists in the database. This is the first and most important step. On each deck’s profile, there’s a new section that shows the average counts of each card by variant and format. Instead of asking yourself how many copies of a card people are running in a deck, you can now check exactly that without having to manually go through every list!

Some decks look all the same, like Buzzwole/Garbodor in BKT-FLI.
Others have so many different cards that they don’t even fit in a screenshot! (Zoroark in BLW-FLI pictured)

Improved filters

Previously, a lot of ways to query our database have been missing, but this addition removes almost all limits. You can now find this handy box on all pages that handle some larger amount of data, and use it to restrict what will be taken into account. Want to find out who has been the most successful expanded player of the season? No problem. Want to see a list of every International Championship to date? One click away.
Selections of the same type can also be combined. For example, if for some reason you want to find out what deck did best at only Regionals and Internationals during the past two season, you could do so.

ICs and Worlds of the 17/18 season, please!

Travel awards

Our database is expanding! The first addition is recording Travel Awards to Internationals and Worlds. On a tournament’s page, you can look up all the players that got flown in by Pokemon to participate. On a player’s profile, you can see how often and to what tournaments they’ve gotten one. Finally, it’s also possible to rank players by the amount of travel awards they won.

The upcoming IC in Sao Paulo will for sure feature at least those names
Gustavo hasn’t missed a Travel Award for 10 straight Worlds/ICs!

Past tournaments

It’s been planned for a long time, but we’re finally starting adding tournaments from before 2016/17! The plan is to get past Worlds, Nationals and ECCs. Some of the data we have, other is still being collected. Worlds 2016 is the first of those tournaments that’s uploaded already.

As more and more tournaments enter the database, both new and old ones, player profiles would start to get messy. To avoid that, the regular profile view will now only show a player’s 10 most recent finishes. To access all their tournament results, there’s a new detailed section, of course with all the filters to restrict the search if needed!

Tord’s detailed breakdown of the past two seasons

Another addition to the database that is going to be tested are featured matches. One current problem with this project is that not all content providers are uploading their tournament streams, and we don’t want to link to channels that don’t hold any rights to the videos. As more tournaments start uploading their coverage, we hope this section will grow in importance. Once the database includes a bunch of matches, it will make sense to also link to the videos on the respective player’s and deck’s profiles, so look forward to that update at some point in the future.

So far this is the only tournament with an added playlist… but hopefully many more to come!


The front page got some new elements. You can now see the latest japanese sets there and will be taken directly to their translations when following the links. Instead of always showing every unreleased card, the default view of our translations page, it is now also possible to look at a single set. The archive at the bottom of the translations page grants access to every japanese set in our database.

The second addition is a list of all our Patreon supporters on the bottom of the front page. If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s always a good time to do so!

How about joining these fine people? 😉

Backend improvements

Most parts of this website look the same as before, but behind the scenes not a single line of code has been left untouched. The website went through a major overhaul, which improves performance in some areas, and most importantly lays the groundwork for faster and more frequent updates in the future!