This page lists all the pre-HGSS set codes recognized by Limitless website features, e.g. the tools, or decklist submission on LOTP. Some sets have multiple codes that work, in that case they are listed seperated by a comma.

Set codes for modern sets that are included in our card database can be found next to the set name on the expansions list.

Original Series

Base SetBS
Team RocketTR
Gym HeroesG1
Gym ChallengeG2

Neo & e-Series

Neo GenesisN1
Neo DiscoveryN2
Neo RevelationN3
Neo DestinyN4
ExpeditionE1, EXP
AquapolisE2, AQ, AQP
SkyridgeE3, SK, SKR

ex Series

Ruby & SapphireRS
Team Magma vs Team AquaMA
Hidden LegendsHL
FireRed & LeafGreenRG, FRLG
Team Rocket ReturnsTRR
Unseen ForcesUF
Delta SpeciesDS
Legend MakerLM
Holon PhantomsHP
Crystal GuardiansCG
Dragon FrontiersDF
Power KeepersPK

DP & Platinum Series

Diamond & PearlDP
Mysterious TreasuresMT
Secret WondersSW
Great EncountersGE
Majestic DawnMD
Legends AwakenedLA
Rising RivalsRR
Supreme VictorsSV

POP Series

POP Series 1P1, POP1
POP Series 2P2, POP2
POP Series 3P3, POP3
POP Series 4P4, POP4
POP Series 5P5, POP5
POP Series 6P6, POP6
POP Series 7P7, POP7
POP Series 8P8, POP8
POP Series 9P9, POP9

Promos & Misc.

Wizards Black Star PromosWBP, WBSP
Nintendo Black Star PromosNP, NBSP
Diamond & Pearl PromosDPP
Base Set 2BS2
Legendary CollectionLC
Southern IslandsSI
Vending MachineVM