Russia Nationals Russia

19th May 2018 | 44 Players | XY - Ultra Prism

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1Ilya KornilovRussiazoroarklucario
2Danila LazarevRussiaespeongarbodor
3Raymon AmiramovRussiadrampagarbodor
4Anton StreltsovRussiagardevoir
5Egor NesterovRussiabuzzwolelycanroc-midnight
6Alexander MadaminganovRussiazoroarklycanroc-midnight
7Ilya KalininRussiagardevoir
8Sergey EreminRussiazoroarklucario
This event was the only way for Russian players to qualify for the 2018 World Championships. The first four places get an invite, including a travel award for the winner.