SME Legendary Starter Set

Japanese release date: 10th November 2017

Lunala-GX (ルナアーラGX) - Psychic - 230 HP

Pokemon - Stage 2

CC Glide 50

PPCC Luna Javelin 200

Discard 2 [P] Energy from this Pokemon.

PPPC Requiem GX 250

Weakness: Darkness
Resistance: Fighting
Retreat: 0

SME #5

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Solgaleo-GX (ソルガレオGX) - Metal - 250 HP

Pokemon - Stage 2

Ability: Shining Mane

Your Pokemon don't have any weakness anymore.

CC Turbo Strike 120

Attach 2 basic Energy cards from your discard pile to 1 of your benched Pokemon.

CC Prominence GX

Heal all damage from all of your Pokemon.

Weakness: Fire
Resistance: Psychic
Retreat: 2

SME #7

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