We just updated the database part of the website with a lot of new exciting features, read on to find out more about them!

Our North American Top 16

More Data
Tournament results from North America have been added, so every region is included now.

Player Search
Looking up a specific player’s tournament results is now super easy thanks to a dedicated search field. Just enter their name and either make a selection from the dropdown, or klick the search button to get a list of all the players whose name’s inlude the search term.

Quite the impressive resume!

Player’s teams were listed in the ranking table before, but now each team got their own overview page which contains some general info, their line-up, and their achievements. The achievement table lists the amount of top cuts that players have reached while on the team, hovering over the count will show the details of those placings.

Requirement for being listed as a team in our player rankings is having an active official fanpage on either facebook or twitter that provides coverage of its player’s tournament runs, and the members wearing team apparel at tournaments.

The most successful Volcanion players… no surprise right?

The decks listed in tournament results are also clickable now and get their own summary pages. On those, you can look up all of the archetype’s placements, as well as list of the players that collected the most ranking points with it.

The newly added “Decks” page in the navigation bar brings all that data together and displays the most successful archetypes of the selected season and/or format.

Our final new feature is the inclusion of decklists. If there’s a decklist available for a tournament finish, it is now linked on both the tournament and deck page.
Additionaly, on the beforementioned metagame summary page, there’s a list of the 10 most recently performing decklists of the selected format or time.

More importantly, you can also find a search field for decklists on there. With that, you can search our whole database of decklists. For example, if you want to get all the decklists that won a Regional this season, search for “1st Regional”. Looking for Garbodor lists? Type in “Garbodor”. All the Darkrai lists a Schulz played this season? Look for “Darkrai Schulz”.

For now, we’ve added decklists from Indianapolis, Birmingham, Madison and Seattle. Expect more to come in the following weeks! Our goal is to have a complete backlog of all the available decklists from this season, as well as future ones.

While those are the main differences between this and the previous version, there’s also a lot of other small improvements that have been made. We hope you like it, and keep in mind we’ll be looking to further improve the site in the future. If you got any feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us.