Hey everyone,

it’s been very quiet on here during the past year, but that doesn’t mean nothing was happening! Given the circumstances, our focus was, and still is, on the Limitless Tournament Platform, but we’ve also been working on improving this website.

However, it wasn’t possible to share much progress along the way, since what you’re seeing here is actually a complete rewrite of the old Limitless site (you don’t need to worry though, we’ve tried to keep it as close as possible to the original, and almost everything is still where you expect to find it). Now that this is finally in a state to take over daily operations, you can expect some more activity again.

The biggest addition to the site is the global search bar that you can find in the new header. It allows you to quickly navigate to card, tournament, deck and player pages. For example, when wanting to look up the results of a past Worlds tournament, you don’t have to work with the filters on the tournaments list anymore, just start typing in the search bar and all matching results will appear. This should make navigating the database a faster and more enjoyable experience than before.

Aside from that, there should be noticable performance and stability improvements, as well as some other upgrades. You can find a list of all notable changes below.

If you find any errors while browsing the site, or have other thoughts about the updated site layout, please let us know! There will definitely be some smaller follow-up updates in the coming weeks and months to fix any issues that might come up.



  • The header has a search bar for quick access to all main categories of the database.
  • There is a built-in dark mode. To select it, click the icon in the top right corner (desktop) / open the menu and click the icon in the bottom right (mobile).
  • The site supports being displayed in languages other than English. Previously, only card text could be displayed in different languages. You can select the language next to the dark mode switch. For now, the only language that has a complete site translation available is German, others only affect the default card language. More languages, even those that do not have their own cards, might be added in the future.
  • The newest articles / tournaments / sets will be linked in the top left (desktop) / bottom left (mobile, open menu), for quicker access to the most relevant pages.


  • The proxy tool uses the improved card search that’s in use for the site-wide search bar. An option to print cards in grayscale and with adjusted contrast has been added. You can now add a list of cards without reloading the page.
  • SwissCalc can be used with a custom tournament structure, instead of being restricted to tpci tournaments only.

To get more information on how to use proxies / swisscalc, check out the new tools page.

Card Database

  • In addition to the existing Advanced Search, a reference page for the advanced search syntax has been added. Personally, I’ve always used the card database in that way, and this should make it easier for others to do the same if interested. There are also a few new search options.
  • Card pages display a price graph for the available tcgplayer and cardmarket data. Price history goes back to the end of 2019, which is when the card database was initially launched.
  • Translations of japanese cards have been fully integrated into the card database. Select English (transl.) as the language on any card search or japanese set / card page to replace the original card text with our translated version. The translations landing page contains links to all the relevant pages from the database.
  • You can filter sets on the expansions list by main sets / side products.


  • The list of upcoming tournaments is a standalone page that can be linked to.
  • Blog posts got some new features, like the table of contents, or card page previews (when hovering with a mouse).
  • The tournament filter (previously advanced filter) has been unified between all applicable pages and includes a few additional options.