Welcome to our Website!

Hi! I’m Robin from Limitless and am very honored to be able to present you our first very own website today. We’ve planned this launch for a long time and are super happy to finally show you the result.

And to make sure you’re excited too, here’s what you can expect from this site!

The Limitless Blog

This will contain posts like Deck Reviews, Tournament Reports and all kinds of other written content, basically whatever our members feel like talking about. This gives a us a completely new way of providing content for you and something neither Youtube nor Facebook were able to offer.

We already prepared some posts for you, so give it a read and look forward to more in the future! We’re planning to considerably step up our content game for the upcoming season, not only through this website but also on our established media presences.

And as a sidenote, there is of course no paywall for strategy articles and there will never be one on here.

Rankings and Tournament Results

In addition to providing article content, we’ll also be maintaining a database of tournament results on here. Our focus lies on the European tournament scene, but we also decided to include results from the Latin America and Oceania regions, because of those having a noticable lack of coverage so far. Just select „Tournaments“ in the navigation bar and have fun browsing!

Based on those tournament results, we also set-up a ranking list of players. It’s comparable to the official leaderboards, but uses our own rating system and obviously ignores league tournaments. You can find the point system here: http://limitlesstcg.com/ranking/info/. If you disagree with how certain tournaments are weighted compared to others, we’d be very happy to hear your thoughts! We’re not completely satisfied with the system yet so any criticism will be taken into consideration.

If you ever wondered about how certain players did at tournaments in the past and what decks they played, you’ll like being able to look up just that by clicking on their name in either the ranking list or the tournament standings.

We’re still missing some data like decks, or tournament standings from Regionals in Latin America, so if you happen to have any information that can’t be found in the database right now, let us know.

Please email ranking@limitlesstcg.com if you want to help out with either data or any suggestions, thanks a lot! We’ll be looking to constantly improve and update all parts of our website, including this part.

All About Limitless

Of course this site also contains information about our Team, our Sponsors and everything Limitless related. Look around and get to know us. 🙂

That’s it for now, I hope you enjoy what you’ve seen so far and we’re all looking forward to see you around here a lot in the future!

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