We are Limitless!

Limitless is an organization focused on promoting the competitive Pokémon TCG. We started out as a team of players, but have since branched out into many other areas.

Our team of pro players remains the core of Limitless and represents the brand and its sponsors in tournaments. We aim for it to consist of the best players in Europe and to be among the favorites to win any given event.

This website was created to keep track of tournament history, in hopes it would be a helpful resource for any competitive Pokémon player out there. It is continuously developed further to cover as many aspects of the game as possible. Additionally, it is a way for our team to provide content in form of articles.

Another important part of our work are tournament streams. We believe all major events should have a live stream for players at home to watch. Partnerships with organizers like tournamentcenter and jokmok coupled with a great team of casters have made it possible for us to get closer to this goal.

Learn more about the people in Limitless here, and the organizations that support us here!

Early History

Limitless was founded by five Pokémon TCG players at the beginning of the 2015/16 season. What used to be just a group of friends who prepare for tournaments together, soon became something bigger and was able to attract a sponsor and a good amount of followers on facebook. We dominated German tournaments for the whole season, won almost every single one in attendance, and finished strong with three top 8 placements at the German National Championship, which resulted in three top 22 slots for the World Championships.

The 16/17 season brought a lot of change. It started with Fatih, one the founding members, taking the year off Pokémon, but Limitless responded with top class replacements. Philip Schulz, brother of founding member Robin, got back into the game and joined the team, and not long after the start of the season, Senior World Champion Jesper Eriksen got on board too. Both turned out to be invaluable additions and helped us continue where we left off at the end of the preceding season. We ended up occupying three of the four top rating spots in Europe at all times and made Top 8 at three International Championships.

Aside from achieving great success at tournaments and slowly getting recognized all over the world, Limitless went through big structural changes. Shortly after changing the team line-up, we also added some staff members for organizational tasks. Towards the end of the season, we decided to merge with the card shop Cardicuno. Being supported by a strong partner like them opens up a lot of possibilities and we’re very excited for our shared future!