New Season, New Players!

Update: Sadly, with the newly announced 8bit team, Tord decided to step back from Limitless and re-join his old sponsor. So, for the new season, our team will consist of 5 players.

With the beginning of the 2018/19 season we were looking for some new players to strengthen LimitlessTCG! We are very thankful for each and everyone, who let us knew their interest in joining our team during the last year, but we decided to go with no one less than the current 1st and 2nd in both the official European PlayPokémon! leaderboard and our own European Limitless Rankings.

As most of you already guessed, the three times International Champion himself, Tord Reklev is becoming  part of team Limitless. Tord was already part of our player’s testing group during the last two seasons and we all became good friends with him. Everybody is very happy to have Tord as an official member of the team now. We hope that a lot more amazing ideas like Zoroark/Gardevoir or Straight Zoroark are going to be developed together.

The second addition to our line-up is Pedro Eugenio Torres! Pedro is the second most successful player at International Championships (you can guess who is the most successful one in the comments…). Most of you might not only now him as an accomplished player, but also as a streamer on twitch. We also made good friends with Pedro during the last two seasons and as he is a very dedicated member of the Pokémon community, we are really looking forward to our new adventures as a team.


Tord’s and Pedro’s first tournament as Limitless members will be the Valencia Special Championships taking place tomorrow, where they will attend alongside our very own Robin Schulz.

With this new additions, this means that going into the next season, our current line-up is:


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