Limitless TCG 2017 World Championship Fantasy Draft

The Pokémon World Championships 2017 are just around the corner and it’s time to show you the results of our Limitless Fantasy Draft. Read on to find out who we are rooting for and which players our team members may be afraid to face.

Fantasy Drafts have become very popular in the Pokémon TCG community recently as they are a fun way to talk about who could win a big tournament and why.
The idea is, that every team leader puts a team out of seven players together, who he believes will do well in the tournament. After the event points will get rewarded depending on the players placements. To spice things up a bit some special rules can be added.

Our Draft Rules:

  1. Each team leader may chose seven players for his team including at least three day one competitors.
  2. The following points will be rewarded per placement:
  3. If one of your team members loses to Steffen E., you lose 25 points.
  4. If Manuel J. advances to day 2, you get 50 points.

The Fantasy Draft Teams:

* Day One Competitor

Of course it is interesting to see who our team members have chosen for their draft teams, but let’s have an even deeper insight and look at why they believe in their picks.

Philipp Leciejewski:

Igor Costa:
He is currently the Number One north-american player in the Limitless Ranking and has been extremely successful at worlds already. This season he made it into the Top 8 at almost every event. Igor is an obvious first pick.

Michael Pramawat:
He is a safe pick also since Michael is a solid player and should do as well as always.

Ross Cawthon:
For me Ross is a Worlds all-star. He is solid with both meta and rogue as well and I am excited for what deck he will go.

Rahul Reddy:
Having a look at day one players, Rahul is one of the best and he is a cool guy. That makes him a good addition to the draft team.

Jit Min Lim:
With Jit Min I was going for a creative day 2 pick since he tends to play crazy decks and wild cards. He might even come up with a rogue deck in this new format.

Manuel Jorach:
To be honest I chose Manuel as a team member because of the extra points. But because he is using my deck lists quite often, I do kind of control his success.

Israel Sosa:
I should have come up with him way earlier as he has been super successful for years. He needs the right deck and I am sure he can go all the way.

Jesper Eriksen:

Philip Schulz:
He has been an absolute beast this season! Philip has been consistent during the whole season and has like a million CP. He should be a very safe pick.

Mees Brenninkmeijer:
The tall boy has been picked. Mees got second at worlds two years ago and then followed it up with a 0-7. So his Worlds result can be anything this year. But this season he has been consistent and one of my biggest rivals.

Goncalo Ferreira:
Well, he won two regionals in a row so he knows what it takes to win a big final. And I know that Decidueye is a good deck for worlds so I know he will do well as he does exactly know how to play it.

Simon Eriksen:
Simon is my older brother and one of the biggest reasons I am doing well in this game. He has one of the biggest talents in the game mixed with the worst luck ever. For me he belongs to the top 10 players in the world, but life and job caught up to him, so he is going to try to make it through day one just like he did last year.

Yasin Balela:
This guy is one of my best friends and more of a funny pick I would say. But since this man beat me at the European Challenge Cup a couple of years ago, a tournament we have both been dominating until this season, I am sure he will make it through day one.

Jimmy Pendarvis:
The Manual Jorach look-a-like is one of the best in the game right now. He is one of my biggest rivals at worlds but I know he will only do well until I beat him.

Jeffrey Cheng:
His greatest achievement is his second place at worlds in 2015. This season he was fourth at Anaheim Regionals and second at Seattle Regionals to settle his invite, those a very good finishes. He is one of the strongest players in day one and I will say there is at least a 75% chance he will make it through.

Nico Alabas:

Tord Reklev:
Tord has had an amazing season so far and I would say an even better one than Philip Schulz had. He could manage to win the International Championships in Indianapolis and I am sure he will do great at Worlds as well.

Azul Garcia Griego:
Azul also had a great season in the US and he shows a lot of knowledge about the game on his streams. I am sure he makes a great addition to my team.

Grafton Roll:
The main reason I have picked him is because he is one of the Greninja boys!

Robin Schulz:
Well, I guess someone has to believe in him! Personally I put bigger hopes in him than in his brother Philip. Robin also has great meta calling abilities, which is something it definitely takes to win such an important tournament.

John Kettler:
John is something like the American Goncalo. He is a very good Decidueye player and this deck seems like a good pick for Worlds. Being the runner-up at US Internationals I believe he can go far.

Alex Hill:
Alex is a very strong and consistent player and a solid player for a draft.

Benjamin Pham:
I really like having Benji in my team as he is simply a fun guy and a good player of course.

Robin Schulz:

Sam Chen:
Sam is an obvious pick since he had a very great season and therefore is currently leading the official north-american Pokémon rankings.

Gustavo Wada:
He did super well at International Championships and prior Worlds so he knows how to play under pressure. Gustavo seems to always be a threat at the most important tournaments.

Takuya Yoneda:
One of if not the best players in Japan is Takuya Yoneda and I believe he will finally want to prove that this weekend. Besides that Japanese players are crazy and could easily destroy worlds again.

Shintaro Ito:
The current world champion Shintaro could be the first player ever to defend the title. He performed well this season even after already having achieved everything, so I am sure he will give his very best this year.

Alex Krekeler:
It is always good to have a Greninja Boy in the team.

Phinnegan Lynch:
He has done well for me in prior drafts and is a very consistent player. I hope he will make it through day one.

Ryan Sabelhaus:
Ryan barely missed out on top 16 even though he had a crazy good season. He is probably one of the strongest players in day one and I am sure he will advance.


Who’s your favorite to win Worlds this year?

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