Totals: 62,750 | 1250 PTS

Regional Top 8s: 31, including 3 wins

IC/Worlds Top 8s: 2

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Darkrai decks focus on its Dark Pulse attack, which inflicts more damage for each Darkness Energy you have in play. Key cards for stacking up a lot of Energy are Yveltal XY, which can retrieve them from the Discard Pile with its Oblivion Wing, and Max Elixir, that can accelerate Energies from the deck. In Expanded, the deck gains Dark Patch and Darkrai DEX for a significant power boost. A popular alteration of the deck is including Double Dragon Energies and Dragon Pokemon. A DDE counts as two Darkness Energy, so it can boost Dark Pulse by 40 damage with a single Energy attachment. Additionally, Giratina-EX and Salamence-EX provide a lot of utility and can help swing some troublesome matchups, at the cost of lowering the deck's overall consistency.

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Latest Results

35thInternational Indianapolisdarkraigiratina-oMitchell Anderson
6thRegional Torontodarkraigiratina-oZack Taylor
26thRegional Torontodarkraigiratina-oAvery George
10thRegional Roanoke, VAdarkraigiratina-oChristopher Watkins
5thDanish Opendarkraigiratina-oNiels Pedersen
6thDanish Opendarkraigiratina-oTommi Lahtela
7thSPE Lyondarkraigiratina-oAndrew Emerson
27thInternational Sao Paulodarkraigiratina-oOscar Morales
6thRegional Salt Lake City, UTdarkraigiratina-oTony Jimenez
30thRegional Salt Lake City, UTdarkraigiratina-oJosh Alvarez
9thRegional Portland, ORdarkraigiratina-oDaniel Lynch
10thRegional Portland, ORdarkraigiratina-oRoberto Lozada
13thRegional Portland, ORdarkraigiratina-oJackson Knorr
14thRegional Portland, ORdarkraigiratina-oJosh Alvarez
15thRegional Portland, ORdarkraigiratina-oJustin Kulas
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Most Successful players

1Kenny BrittonUSA24
2Tony JimenezUSA18
2Otavio GouveiaBrazil18
4Chris SiakalaUSA15
4Jimmy ZhangUSA15
6Josh AlvarezUSA14
7Zack TaylorUSA12
7Oscar MoralesUSA12