Most of the Limitless player team recently participated in the Faded Town Invitational alongside many other top players from Europe and North America. In total, 16 players competeted for a prize pool of 1000$!

You can find videos of all the matches on youtube in THIS PLAYLIST, the completed double elimination bracket HERE, and all the decklists below!

1st: Grant Manley – Florges Dolls

2nd: Pedro Torres – Zacian ADP

3rd: Stephane Ivanoff – Blacephalon


4th: Isaiah Bradner & 9th: Justin Bokhari – Pikarom

5th: Nico Alabas – Zacian Melcario

5th: Rahul Reddy – Welder Mewtwo

7th: Michael Pramawat & 9th: Azul GG & – Ultimate Mewtwo


7th: Tord Reklev – Zacian ADP

9th: Pablo Meza – Zacian ADP Hammers

9th: Robin Schulz – Lapras Frosmoth

13th: Daniel Altavilla – Florges Dolls

13th: Jesper Eriksen – Pikarom


13th: Philip Schulz – Malamar Mewtwo

13th: Xander Pero – Obstagoon