Totals: 85,000 | 1665 PTS

Regional Top 8s: 26, including 4 wins

IC/Worlds Top 8s: 6, including 1 win

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Yveltal-EX has been around the top of the metagame ever since its original release in early 2014, which is proof for it being one the strongest and especially most efficient attackers ever printed. In Standard, it used to be paired with Garbotoxin Garbodor, a combo that dominated the first half of the 16/17 season. In Expanded, the by far most used variant includes Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick, Gallade BKT and Archeops NVI, although it remains to be seen whether it can continue to build on its success after Archeops getting banned for the 17/18 season.

Average card counts

Yveltal Garbodor73.81

Latest Results

4thRegional Sao PauloyveltalgarbodorGabriel Pino Semedo
13thRegional Roanoke, VAyveltalgarbodorJamie DePamphilis
23rdRegional Roanoke, VAyveltalgarbodorJeremy Barnett
30thRegional Roanoke, VAyveltalgarbodorHunter Harless
37thRegional Roanoke, VAyveltalgarbodorLuke Morsa
22ndInternational Sao PauloyveltalgarbodorThales Tadashi Argelo
13thRegional Salt Lake City, UTyveltalgarbodorSammy Sosa
1stSPE Aguadilla, PRyveltalgarbodorTristan Macek
5thSPE Aguadilla, PRyveltalgarbodorMichael Canaves
15thRegional MalmoyveltalgarbodorMarc Lutz
32ndRegional MalmoyveltalgarbodorFinn Looft
52ndInternational MelbourneyveltalgarbodorMatthias Luppa
59thInternational MelbourneyveltalgarbodorSamuel Hough
17thRegional SheffieldyveltalgarbodorPhilip Schulz
24thRegional SheffieldyveltalgarbodorBorja Carmona
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Most Successful players

1Philip SchulzGermany56
2Jimmy PendarvisUSA49
3Azul Garcia GriegoUSA41
4Michael PramawatUSA34
5Steven MaoGermany33
6Jacob LesageCanada30
6Chase MoloneyCanada30
6Byron Isaiah WilliamsUSA30