Shock Lock

Totals: 7,000 | 169 PTS

Regional Top 8s: 3

IC/Worlds Top 8s: 0

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This is a deckout deck centered around Raichu's Evoshock Ability. The strategy is to paralyze the opponent's active Pokemon every turn of the game until they run out of cards, while preventing the use of detrimental Supporter cards like Guzma or AZ with Stoutland's Sentinel Ability. Key to this plan is a Lillipup card from the original Black & White set that allows for picking up one Item card - like Devolution Spray or Pal Pad - from the discard pile per turn in combination with Celebi's Time Recall. Goodra from Phantom Forces is the deck's mean of dealing with Garbodor's Garbotoxin. Blocking Abilities would render the whole deck useless, but with Goodra on board the Garbodor player won't be able to re-attach a tool after getting hit with a Field Blower.

Average card counts

Straight Shock Lock2,091.69

Latest Results

22ndRegional Dallas, TXraichustoutlandAiden Toler
26thRegional Dallas, TXraichustoutlandJake Pilch
39thRegional Dallas, TXraichustoutlandXander Pero
49thRegional Dallas, TXraichustoutlandNathan Brower
55thRegional Dallas, TXraichustoutlandCesar Gonzalez
58thRegional Dallas, TXraichustoutlandZak Turchansky
64thRegional Dallas, TXraichustoutlandNicholas Moffitt
10thRegional Portland, ORraichustoutlandZak Turchansky
3rdRegional Hartford, CTraichustoutlandJonathan Croxton
27thRegional Hartford, CTraichustoutlandIan Robb
5thRegional Daytona Beach, FLraichustoutlandJonathan Croxton
5thRegional Greensboro, NCraichustoutlandJonathan Croxton
13thRegional TorontoraichustoutlandZachary Cooper
51stRegional Dallas, TXraichustoutlandThane Cutler
21stRegional Anaheim, CAraichustoutlandRoss Cawthon
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Most Successful players

1Jonathan CroxtonUSA39
2Ross CawthonUSA25
3Zak TurchanskyCanada15
4Jonathan ParanadaUSA10
5Aiden TolerUSA8
5Zachary CooperUSA8
5Jake PilchUSA8
8Thane CutlerUSA7