London Calling – Our EUIC Fantasy Draft

The very first International Championships of this season are just around the corner and all our team is full of happy anticipation. The tournament’s registration was just recently closed because its capacity is already reached. This means this year’s EUIC will probably be the biggest Pokémon tournament Europe has ever seen. So what better to do than a fantasy draft?

Check out this article to learn a bit about Team Limitless’ favorites and who our players might be afraid to face this weekend.

Our Draft Rules:

  1. Every team captain chooses eight players for his team.
  2. After the European International Championships the following points will be rewarded:
  3. The team which collected the most points wins.

Our Prizes:

Team Limitless does regular team meetings where we talk about our projects such as our website or live streams. We also use those weekends to become an even better team and closer friends and they are always great fun.
But there is one thing we always argue about: Food. Therefore the winner of the draft gets to chose all the meals at our next team meeting. The looser gets the most hated job, which is doing the dishes.

The Draft Teams:

Jesper Eriksen:

Tord Reklev
Tord is Tord, He always does Well and is just about how to get some safe points.

Robin Schulz
He’s the better brother and he’s obviously great at the game and a great teammate.

Israel Sosa
Israel and I are 1-1 in games against each other and he always does well. I really like his style of play and I hope that he plays as well as he always does.

Jon Eng
Finally my little boy aged up into masters. He’s had a fiery start to the season and I’m sure he’ll continue to do well.

Sam Hough
After getting top 4 at worlds, Sam hasn’t had the top finishes, but in my book he’s one of the most underrated players.

Grafton Roll
Greninja looks like a deck for London. 😉

Jesper Eriksen
The best player in the World himself. He hasn’t had the best period since after his top 128 at USIC (playing Passimian), but he’ll make his comeback performance in London.

Simon Eriksen
My brother. He really deserves to get a big win under his growing belt. He’s also really underrated, and the reason I’ve done as well as I have these past years.

Overall I think my team is very nice. The only player that I would have liked to add is Michael Pramawat, but I’ll win anyways.


Philip Schulz

Sam Chen
He has been performing very consistently at tournaments for a long time now and especially recently he truly is on fire. Also he’s the number 1 in our Limitless rankings and what better asset could there be.

‎Igor Costa
With a total of 7 top 8s Igor is just one finish short of Sam who is leading the list and also follows him as number 2 in the Limitless rankings. Igor definitely is one of the very best players in this game and performed incredibly consistently ever since he managed to get a 1st, a 2nd and a 3rd place Worlds finish in his first 4 years of Masters.

‎Gustavo Wada
Gustavo is one of the few players who already managed to achieve two top 8 finishes at ICs and additionally made it into the top 16 at the recent World Championships. With his unusual deck choices and creative deck building he definitely has the potential to go far in London.

‎Brent Tonisson
A player who is sometimes overlooked because he didn’t achieve outstanding top finishes yet and comes from far away Australia. But his consistency at international tournaments, including 3 IC day 2s and a recent top 32 at Worlds, definitely is promising.

‎Kian Amini
You don’t need many words to explain this pick. Kian simply manages to do well again and again, which his top 4 in Melbourne, top 16 at Worlds and countless other achievements prove. He typically tries to find the bdif and play it well and I’m sure this will work out pretty well for him with decks like Gardy being so strong and dominant.

Jordan Palmer
Just like Brent Jordan comes from Australia, and just like Brent, Jordan recently managed to finish in the top 32 at Worlds. He might be a little off the radar but his success speaks for him.

Jit Min Lim
Surely one of the best players in all of Asia. He likes to play crazy rogues but he’s also capable of piloting top tier decks very well. No matter which path he will take for London, I’m sure he will do great.

Philipp Leciejewski
My fellow teammate and name impostor Philipp has done consistently well during the last season and therefore finished as number 7 in Europe. He didn’t get an outstanding top finish yet but one day his time will surely come. You could hardly wish for a better last pick.

Overall my team is lacking some people I’d really like to have in there (especially Tord) but it still looks very solid and I’m confident it can win me this draft and some vegetarian food at the next team meeting.


Lydia Hombach

Philip Schulz
Philip is the only player who managed to make day 2 at all four International Championships last year and belongs to the 5 people that made top 8 twice. On top of that he finished last season as the global number 1 and actually there’s not much more needed to justify Philip as first pick. And how should I start a draft better than with one of my limitless boys?

Jimmy Pendarvis
Jimmy has the highest amount of tournament finishes (13 in total) counted on our website (tied with Philip, Brad and Azul). He’s also on rank 3 according to Limitless points and his consistency just recently culminated in a top 8 finish at Worlds. Without a doubt he’s one of the best and most consistent players this game has.

Benjamin Behrens
Everyone’s beloved Pokemonmentor is a good friend of Tord and I believe he can be as successful as him. He has done consistently well in the past and him and Tord will probably play the same deck. I also like his coverage of tournaments on snapchat and would enjoy to see him do well in London.

Pedro Eugenio Torres
Tied with Philip on number 2 of most CP earned at Internationals, Pedro was one of Europe’s most successful players last season and already proved in Melbourne that he can go all the way to the top.

Yee Wei Chun
Yee Wei’s bubble in Sao Paulo was turned into a top 8 finish because of a DQ, technically making him one of the 5 players who achieved that twice. He made cut as first seed after 14 rounds last year in London and I think he can do it again.

Alex Dao
A European veteran, Alex has finished last season as number 8 in Europe thanks to his trusted Gyarados. Even though he didn’t manage to achieve big international success yet he has proven how good he is and what better tournament could there be for him to shine than the European IC in his home country.

Zach Lesage
So far the less successful Lesage, he appears to be trying pretty hard this season and already managed to collect some quite good finishes while his brother is taking things slower. Jacobs second place finish at last year’s EUIC will be tough to surpass, but perhaps Zach will end up being the better known Lesage brother at the end of the season.

Alex Hill
Alex of course is a very well known player from the USA and I was quite surprised when I realized that he was not already taken, while looking through the rankings for a last pick. He has done really good throughout last years ICs and finished the season as number 16 in NA thanks to Tord. I’m sure he will earn me some points and perhaps this year might compensate him for his bubble last year.

All in all I am very happy with my team. I feel like I am the underdog of the draft as I am the only non-player but even though I am quite confident I do not have to do the dishes on the next Limitless weekend.


Nico Alabas

Azul Garcia Griego
He is undoubtedly one of the best players from the United States. Since the new Regional system started, he already accomplished six top eight finishes at Regionals, winning two of them. Even though he had very good finishes at Regional level tournaments, he hasn’t managed to get further than Top 64 at Internationals, which I believe he’s going to change in London.

Pablo Meza
I think that Pablo is being overshadowed by a lot of US players simply by the fact that he is not from the United States. His accomplishments speak for themselves: Reigning National Champion in Mexico, Regional Champion of Hartford, 2nd place at Melbourne Internationals, World Championships Top 8 in 2017 and Top 4 in 2005. Pablo is definitely no stranger to cutting these big events and if we take a look at the last season and the first tournaments of this one, it’s safe to say that Pablo is one of the favorites to make it far.

Michael Pramawat
Do I really have to explain this choice? I was actually surprised that a 6 time Regional Champion, International Champion, Worlds Runner-Up and US-Nationals Runner-Up remained unpicked this far into our draft. There aren’t a lot of players that ever managed to defeat a title like this, but I think Michael Pramawat is a player on a level who’s capable of doing so. Also he defeated Philip last year so he has to be good. 😛

Mees Brenninkmeijer
For the past few years Mees has always been one of the top players in Europe. Surprisingly he wasn’t able to get any outstanding result after his 2nd place at the World Championships, but I’m pretty sure that he’s going to make it at least to Day 2 in London.

Nico Alabas
I drafted myself because I want to prove to everyone, especially myself, that I have what it takes to be one of the top players. After falling so short last season I’m more motivated than ever to do well.

Michael Long
It doesn’t happen too often that a first year Master does super well after just aging up. Last year Jesper and Xander already proved that fresh Masters aren’t to be underestimated and I think that Michael wants to prove everyone that he doesn’t just want to stick to cutting Regionals.

Heddi Brahmi
He is one of the best French players to currently play and already made it to the Top 64 in London last year. I think with the necessary preparation he will be able to surpass his performance from last year and make it to Day 2.

Tamao Cameron
Tamao is one of the players that kind of suffered from the new Regionals system. Before it was introduced Tamao was undoubtedly one of the best players from the UK and still remains reigning National Champion. Ever since the change of systems he hasn’t done too well, only getting a Top32 at Regionals last season. This season he already has a Top 8 from Bremen so I believe this is the year where he’s going to adapt to the new system and do well in it.

Overall I’m very happy with my team especially since I combined a lot of former National Champions, International Championship Finalists and Worlds Runner-Ups. None of these players is a stranger to cutting big events and I believe that every single on of them is able to do well in London.


Robin Schulz

Marc Lutz
He has been cutting every recent major event and is the current #1 in the European ranking. He’s also a former ECC champion and knows how to approach big tournaments.

Ryan Sabelhaus
Has also had a superb start of the season and has been consistently great at the game for as long as I can think. In addition he always got me points in our prior drafts!

Diego Cassiraga
The World Champion himself! I haven’t heard about him attending any tournaments yet this season, but I would be surprised to see him not do well in London.

Xander Pero
After a super good last season Xander proved that he can make it far in absolutely every tournament with his Top 4 Worlds finish. This season he’s not slowing down either and reached the Top 4 in Vancouver recently.

Brad Curcio
He’s simply one of the most consistent players in the game and can always be found somewhere around the top.

Rahul Reddy
Rahul is also very consistent and member of the most successful North American team for a reason! I expect him to be ready to prove himself on the international stage.

Javier Gamboa
Internationals seem to be his thing, Javier made day 2 at the first 3 ones and only barely missed it in Indianapolis. Also the only player to reach a 9-0 Swiss score at an International.

Karl Peters
One of the most accomplished German players of all time. He can always come out of nothing and do well at big tournaments.

Overall I’m happy with my team and am confident it can get me the third consecutive draft win!


Who’s team do you think is going to win this draft and who’s your favorite?
See you all very soon in London! Don’t be shy and feel free to say hello to our Limitless players (and staff).


The Results:

1. Jesper – 165
2. Nico – 100
3. Philip – 45
4. Lydia – 35
5. Robin – 10

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