Anaheim Open USA

19th August 2017 | 612 Players | Primal Clash - Burning Shadows

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1Benjamin PhamNetherlandsdecidueyealolan_ninetales
2Karl KitchinUSAgardevoir
3Andrew MunozUSAgardevoir
4Michael ChinUSAgardevoir
5Xander SorianoUSAgyarados
6Emilio OrozcoUSAgardevoir
7Sorina RaduUSAespeongarbodor
8Luca ClavadetscherSwitzerlanddrampagarbodor
9Caleb GedemerUSAdrampagarbodor
10Clifton GohSingaporedrampagarbodor
11Gibson Archer-TangUSAgardevoir
12Chris BrownUSAdrampagarbodor
The event ran alongside day 2 of Worlds and featured a special top cut format: Everyone with the same Swiss score as 8th place made it in, which resulted in places 5-12 playing an additional knock-out round, while 1-4 got a direct bye into top 8.