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Roaring Moon

Totals: 76,000$ | 1273 Points
Regional Top 8: 7
International Top 8: 1

Detailed tournament history

Place Variant Player List
13th April 2024 - Regional Perth
standard 6th roaring-moondudunsparce Tim Franklin
standard 13th roaring-moondudunsparce Sean Takemoto
13th April 2024 - Singapore Regional League Vol.3
standard 14th roaring-moon Vincent Quek
13th April 2024 - Regional Orlando, FL
standard 6th roaring-moondudunsparce Cyrus McCane
standard 47th roaring-moon Jovad Cruz
standard 53rd roaring-moon Walter Anderson
standard 56th roaring-moondudunsparce Julio Santos De Leon
standard 57th roaring-moondudunsparce Duncan Crowley
standard 107th roaring-moondudunsparce Sean Cowan
standard 110th roaring-moondudunsparce Michael Ramos
standard 118th roaring-moon Dillon Courtney
standard 144th roaring-moondudunsparce Evan Campbell
standard 201st roaring-moondudunsparce Daniel Dempster
standard 202nd roaring-moondudunsparce Vincent Vuong
standard 206th roaring-moondudunsparce Nguyen Nguyen
standard 213th roaring-moondudunsparce Justin Kulas
standard 216th roaring-moon Eric Ridgeway
standard 219th roaring-moondudunsparce Harrison Dollar
standard 229th roaring-moondudunsparce Tyler Mathews
5th April 2024 - EUIC 2024, London
standard 7th roaring-moondudunsparce Mark Høstrup
standard 16th roaring-moondudunsparce Andres David Torres
standard 66th roaring-moon Luke Kirkham
standard 133rd roaring-moondudunsparce Nikolai Røssel
standard 179th roaring-moon Nick Flores
standard 225th roaring-moondudunsparce Arthur Vincent
23rd March 2024 - Regional Vancouver
standard 12th roaring-moon Michael Zele
standard 13th roaring-moon Brandon Baughn
standard 20th roaring-moon Corey Weidner
standard 29th roaring-moon Matthew Brown
standard 36th roaring-moon Eric Correa
standard 53rd roaring-moon Tyler Vaughn
standard 54th roaring-moon Pablo Meza
standard 62nd roaring-moon Alexander Pagnani
standard 63rd roaring-moon Justin Teng
standard 76th roaring-moon Tong Li
standard 81st roaring-moon Jorden Kehler
standard 101st roaring-moon Richard Nguyen
standard 107th roaring-moon Evan Aldridge
9th March 2024 - Regional Goiânia
standard 7th roaring-moon João Vitor Munhak
standard 8th roaring-moon Carlos Barros
standard 18th roaring-moon Wellington Luis Lins Zoobi Filho
standard 20th roaring-moon João Vitor Fernandes Silveira
standard 25th roaring-moon Paulo Gouveia de Freitas
standard 29th roaring-moon Pedro Paulo Zeuli Rio
standard 31st roaring-moon Arthur Mesquita
standard 52nd roaring-moon Joao Gabriel Neves
standard 55th roaring-moon Kamilly Rangel
2nd March 2024 - Special Event Utrecht
standard 2nd roaring-moon Filippo Colamorea
standard 20th roaring-moon Leyton Hindle-Cain
standard 23rd roaring-moon Joshua Vanoverschelde
standard 28th roaring-moon Kim Pobega
standard 33rd roaring-moon Vincent Marcus Munk
standard 35th roaring-moon Marcel Čampa
standard 44th roaring-moon Mark Høstrup
standard 53rd roaring-moon Simon Tschan
standard 60th roaring-moon Stefan Wagenaar
standard 66th roaring-moon Christiaan Smit
standard 75th roaring-moon Carlo Antonio Del Vescovo
standard 80th roaring-moon Aleksander Domek
standard 83rd roaring-moon Thomas Serra Van Limbeek
standard 91st roaring-moon Marcel Coucouvis
24th February 2024 - Philippines Regional League Vol.2
standard 2nd roaring-moon Antonio Francisco
standard 10th roaring-moon Rodwin Magdaraog
24th February 2024 - Indonesia Regional League Vol.2
standard 13th roaring-moon Nicholas Justin Sugianto
standard 15th roaring-moon Diego Boyoh Fredispancer
10th February 2024 - Regional Dortmund
standard 10th roaring-moon Christian D'Onofrio
standard 32nd roaring-moon Joshua Vanoverschelde
standard 35th roaring-moon Gianmarco Morlé
standard 37th roaring-moon Matthew Rowberry
standard 53rd roaring-moon Pierre Christensen
standard 59th roaring-moon Mario Franz
standard 72nd roaring-moon Geffrey Van der Veken
standard 80th roaring-moon Vito Butković
standard 87th roaring-moon Rudolf Hoffmann
standard 92nd roaring-moon Ondřej Škubal
standard 94th roaring-moon Brent Coosemans
standard 102nd roaring-moon Daniele Maccari
standard 104th roaring-moon Bartosz Różewski
standard 110th roaring-moon Jerko De Plancke
standard 111th roaring-moon Nathan Flanders
standard 123rd roaring-moon Luke Kirkham
standard 125th roaring-moon Luca Montani
standard 128th roaring-moon Lutz Voss
standard 129th roaring-moon Luke Parkes
standard 132nd roaring-moon James Herlin
standard 137th roaring-moon Dennis Glath
3rd February 2024 - Singapore Regional League Vol.2
standard 16th roaring-moon Vincent Cao Zhi Yuan
3rd February 2024 - Regional Melbourne
standard 23rd roaring-moon Nissa Kew
standard 34th roaring-moon Daniel Ross-Brown
standard 36th roaring-moon Will Harris
standard 45th roaring-moon Tibor Baranyay
standard 51st roaring-moon Ryan Tan
standard 52nd roaring-moon Jimmy Nguyen
3rd February 2024 - Regional Knoxville, TN
standard 4th roaring-moon Jose Marzan
standard 7th roaring-moon Kamal Crooks-Valdez
standard 10th roaring-moon JW Kriewall
standard 20th roaring-moon Rafal Gladysz
standard 22nd roaring-moon Jesse Parker
standard 24th roaring-moon Conner Hurst
standard 25th roaring-moon Sammy Allen
standard 36th roaring-moon Yakira Tate
standard 41st roaring-moon Connor Finton
standard 43rd roaring-moon Guy Bennett
standard 48th roaring-moon Sebastian Moceri
standard 65th roaring-moon Jeff Jones
standard 69th roaring-moon Carlos Lemus
standard 74th roaring-moon Ryan Thomas
standard 75th roaring-moon Ben Dobberstein
standard 78th roaring-moon Matthew Padget
standard 84th roaring-moon Eric Correa
standard 93rd roaring-moon Brandon Joestar
standard 99th roaring-moon Nicholas Moses
standard 101st roaring-moon Jacob Peltier
standard 109th roaring-moon Mac Currie
standard 112th roaring-moon Jesse Bronson
standard 115th roaring-moon Jay Cristiano
standard 123rd roaring-moon Bryce Johnson
standard 124th roaring-moon Liam Alon
standard 133rd roaring-moon Kyle Tokarczyk
standard 136th roaring-moon Muhamed Palatinus
standard 140th roaring-moon Brian Peavy
standard 142nd roaring-moon Dalen Dockery
27th January 2024 - Regional Liverpool
standard 9th roaring-moon Aleksander Domek
standard 11th roaring-moon Joshua Vanoverschelde
standard 15th roaring-moon Gilles Heyndrickx
standard 19th roaring-moon Kamil Świstuń
standard 41st roaring-moon Danny Dowling
standard 43rd roaring-moon Robert Kinbrum
standard 45th roaring-moon David Weir
standard 47th roaring-moon Andrew Swann
standard 80th roaring-moon Oscar Madsen
standard 81st roaring-moon Laura Takeda
standard 83rd roaring-moon Stian Nilsson
standard 94th roaring-moon Iosac Gallagher
standard 146th roaring-moon James Woodhouse
20th January 2024 - Regional Charlotte, NC
standard 7th roaring-moon Ross Cawthon
standard 14th roaring-moon Julio Santos De Leon
standard 16th roaring-moon Blake Eure
standard 22nd roaring-moon Aaron Santos
standard 32nd roaring-moon Jason Burch
standard 39th roaring-moon Dillon Courtney
standard 47th roaring-moon Zach Laska
standard 48th roaring-moon Steve Zhang
standard 51st roaring-moon Rafal Gladysz
standard 54th roaring-moon Andrew Antony
standard 56th roaring-moon Sammy Allen
standard 76th roaring-moon Brandon Baughn
standard 79th roaring-moon Parker Lish
standard 85th roaring-moon Conner Hurst
standard 90th roaring-moon Peter Kica
standard 96th roaring-moon Grafton Roll
standard 111th roaring-moon Chris Diller
standard 114th roaring-moon Ihana Mazezka
standard 122nd roaring-moon Phillip Lineberry
standard 129th roaring-moon Alex Hill
standard 134th roaring-moon Bryan McDaniel
standard 138th roaring-moon Brendan Gleason
standard 146th roaring-moon Rick Wilt
standard 198th roaring-moon Nick Flores
standard 206th roaring-moon Matthew Brown
standard 207th roaring-moon John Melissari III
standard 217th roaring-moon Bryan Lindley
6th January 2024 - Regional Portland, OR
standard 22nd roaring-moon Raymond Liu
standard 33rd roaring-moon Ross Cawthon
standard 41st roaring-moon Tyler McCutchan
standard 80th roaring-moon Bennie Pell
standard 113th roaring-moon Aaron Santos
standard 115th roaring-moon Brandon Baughn
standard 123rd roaring-moon Nick Sheffer
standard 132nd roaring-moon Neil Kimball
standard 147th roaring-moon Nick Morin
30th December 2023 - Korean League Season 1
standard-jp 15th roaring-moon Yoonchang Jo
23rd December 2023 - Champions League Kyoto
standard-jp 2nd roaring-moon Shuma Kikuchi
16th December 2023 - Regional San Antonio, TX
standard 49th roaring-moon Brandon Baughn
standard 56th roaring-moon Nathan Potter
standard 57th roaring-moon Jalen Jones
standard 65th roaring-moon Julio Santos De Leon
standard 155th roaring-moon Eric Correa
9th December 2023 - Regional Stuttgart
standard 9th roaring-moon Luigi Vezzoni
standard 81st roaring-moon Aleksander Domek
25th November 2023 - Regional Gdańsk
standard 10th roaring-moon Maciej Dmoch
standard 55th roaring-moon Piotr Żaczek
standard 58th roaring-moon Paco Vilchez Barea
standard 70th roaring-moon Aleksander Domek
standard 74th roaring-moon Jan Fischer
standard 79th roaring-moon Vincent Jouare
standard 92nd roaring-mooncomfey Dominik Blache
standard 101st roaring-moon Guillaume Brioul
18th November 2023 - Philippines Regional League
standard 12th roaring-moon Antonio Francisco
17th November 2023 - LAIC 2023–24, São Paulo
standard 90th roaring-moon Pedro Bandeira
standard 118th roaring-moon Matias Fuenzalida
standard 123rd roaring-moon Vitor Santos Soares
standard 124th roaring-moon Jorge Manuel Isuhuaylas Chávez
standard 129th roaring-moon Murilo Ricardo Gelinski
standard 132nd roaring-moon Wilsonn Molina
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